Ask yourself these 5 questions to know if its infatuation or the real deal.
You think you know yourself the best, but we all tend to make mistakes if we don’t talk to ourselves. Just knowing you like someone is not enough, you need to actually meditate on a few key points if you wish to get serious. (I mean it’s that serious!) So here it goes-


Do you try really hard (or get really pressurised) about what to wear when you meet that ‘special someone’?

If you are nodding your head, take a step back! It looks like you have developed a little crush on someone whom you want to impress and there is nothing wrong about it. But beware! It’s not the real deal if you don’t feel comfortable enough to show him or her you have a messed up, pajama face.

If no, well then you are heading the right way! Have you ever fussed about what to wear when you meet your bestie? No, right? It should be the same with you partner of interest as well. (But that doesn’t mean you should start going around in Pjs for your dates!)

How much of their time do you want to hog up? (Ok only, hog up is a little rude but yeah… that’s the main question.)

Are you nodding again? It’s good to want to spend time but remember good fences make good neighbours. Or don’t put up fences, just letting your partner meet other people as well.

If no, that’s the way to go! Meeting more people throughout the day will give you lots of things to talk about.

Do you like anniversaries?

Nodding? Still? Celebrating anniversaries is nice, but it depends on how many there are. If you are going to make every little thing into an anniversary reason, then it is probably because you are desperately trying to spice up your relation.

No? – Why not? Why are you not celebrating? Even if you guys are happy and busy with your love lives, it is good to take out some time and celebrate. Once a year should be good enough.

Are you constantly trying to find ways to strike up a conversation?

If yes, then maybe you should find someone else to hang out with, it must be boring with this person if you have to try so hard.

If no then you are doing just fine! Talking about silly stuff and what all you did in the whole day is really what matters.

What happens after a fight?

You wanna beat him up till the sun comes back up and don’t want him to wake up till September ends? (Vice-a-versa for guys, ps don’t hit a girl) – if you chose this then good luck. Please move on, you are not with the right person.

If you are considerate enough to understand your partner’s point of view and fight for only the briefest of time, then congratulations! You are definitely going to live happily ever after. There are tons of more things you can ask yourself just remember to answer honestly. After all, this is for your sake.
– Munmun

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