Love travels: A journey from modern love to matured love!

By Niharika Jaisingh

June 19, 2017

Love is the ultimate synonym of happiness.

Love doesn’t come with an expiry date, it just grows with the passage of time. And as the time changes, everything gets a new way, new outlook and new meaning which can easily be seen in today’s ‘modern’ love. But what doesn’t change is the essence and feeling of love.

If you hear your grandparents’ love story you will get to know, love in former times was not so easy. To approach the person you love at that time was a difficult task. People at that time gave much more importance to the rituals and culture than love. But nowadays these things are hardly seen.

Acceptance of western culture in our country has brought a drastic change in the mentality and perception of the society. People are getting broad minded and accepting love more easily.

These are the two key factors which have made relationships more easy and comfortable for the ‘modern couples.’

  1. Long Distance Relationship

One of the most difficult times in love is when your loved one is far away from you. These problems of distance in earlier time were hardly seen. But nowadays it is very common. But if love is true then distance will not be any barrier for the couples.


  1. Communication gap

Communication is one of the most important element for a good relationship. Earlier communication gap was just a normal thing, as people believed that interaction between bride and groom before marriage is not a good thing. But in modern relations communication has become so easy for the couples because of the technology. There is no chance of communication gap as modern couples are blessed with the network of technology which reaches every corner of the world.


Although old age love shared better understanding and compatibility with their partners than ‘modern’ love but then again, these modern couples are not less in being a support system for their partners. Because love is same in all aspects and what gets changed is time and generation.


Rather we can say is “it’s an old wine in a new bottle……”