Lucinda Nicholas & Baseer Ali’s Intimate Bedroom Moments Leaked By Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta entered the Bigg Boss house as a very ordinary contestant but turned out to be a mastermind in the game. Now, he has started his own reality show Ace of Space and the show is garnering all the limelight. The last season of the show was a super hit and the controversial Splitsville star Divya won the title by making her intimacy with co-contestant and friend Varun Sood.

This season it is Lucinda Nicholas and Baseer Ali that are following the footsteps of Divya and Varun. The two can be seen getting pretty Intimate with each other on the show and sharing some good time once the lights go off. Now, a video of the two getting cozy in the bed and having a ticking fight has been shared by none other than the host of the show itself.

Vikas Gupta himself took his social media to share a video where the two can be seen having a crazy fight. Sharing the video Vikas wrote, “The tickling fight inside my house and how do I get to see it through a WhatsApp forward @baseer_bob @lucinda_nicholas