Luck By Chance

Rare Japanese Mangoes Grown Accidently

A farmer of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur accidently grew rare Japanese Mangoes. Indians have a habit of talking to strangers in a train on a long journey. Also exchanging names and numbers.

A stranger has turned into a booming business endeavour for him i.e. Sankalp Singh Parihar. He was travelling to Chennai four years ago in search of hybrid coconut seeds. During the train journey he had a conversation with a man seated opposite him.

He offered him to sell special mangoes worth Rs 2500 ($33). Parihar took a random chance and bought them. He did not  knew the breed so kept its name on his mother’s name ‘Damini’.

He said that “I grew it (the sampling) like an ordinary mango plant but few months late saw that it had developed a beautiful red colour”. The farm now boasts of mangoes of 14 hybrid variety including ‘Mallika’ which remains a large fruit and is considered costliest among Indian mangoes.

Farmer has to appoint a strict security with 4 guards and 6 dogs to safeguard his farm. Last year, many of his mangoes were stolen. Traders from Mumbai have placed their bets for buying mangoes at Rs 21,000 per piece. But farmer has declined to sell these fruits.

The horticulturist is planning to create van orchard of around 500 trees.This ‘Taiyo No Tomago’ ,a special variety of Japanese mango is grown under controlled environment in Japan.9 Healthy Benefits of Mangoes, King of all Fruits

Parihar these samples at a private farmhouse at Chargawan road in Jabalpur. Sometimes, price of these mangoes reaches Rs.1 lack per piece.

This fruit in Japan is also known as ‘The Egg Of Sun’ due to its yellow and reddish colour when fully ripe. The taste, smell and colour this fruit makes it the costliest breed of mango.

This long journey’s conversation turned out to be life changer for a farmer.

Accidently only, but now Rani and Sankalp Parihar are one of the most demanded couples of India. Thefts, traders, government and everybody’s eyeballs are on them.

One can grab this opportunity if utilised well and can life of the people and their family’s future. But who thought this conversation with stranger will turn into an opportunity to change your life.Are You Ready For The Rs 2.75 Lakh Per Kg Mystery Mango ?


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