Madhubala’s LOVE LETTER to Dilip Kumar: A Love Story Remembered

Born on 14 February, Valentine’s day Madhubala dominated Bollywood film industry regarded as the most beautiful Indian actress of her times. But it was unfortunate that Madhubala  could not find her love in real life. Madhubala fell in love with veteran actor Dilip Kumar. But again their love story in life remain unfulfilled. Both could never become soulmates. However, Madhubala made an entry into this industry by director Kedar Sharma, who casted her as the heroine of his film, ‘Raj Kamal’ where Raj Kapoor was the hero. After this film, Madhubala became the ‘Beauty Goddess of Cinema.’ It is said that the love of Dilip Kumar and Madhubala started with a rose. In fact, in the year 1951, Dilip Kumar and Madhubala worked in the film ‘Tarana’.

It was a known fact that during this film, Madhubala was secretly in love with Dilip Kumar. During the shooting of the film, Madhubala expressed her love. For this, she adopted a unique style. She sent a letter to Dilip Kumar, which also had a red rose. She wrote in that letter which was written in Urdu language, “If you want me, then take this rose .. or else return it.”

It is said that Dilip Kumar accepted the message of love of Madhubala and after that, the stories of their love started rumoring around the Bollywood film industry. During that time, Madhubala income was spent on her entire household, due to which her father became a villain in her love. Her father was against Madhubala  falling in love with Dilip Kumar.

Dilip sent a decree to marry Madhubala but her father flatly refused. It is said that Dilip Kumar then placed a condition in front of Madhubala. He told Madhubala that you marry me but after marriage, you will have to break all the relations with your father. When Dilip said this, Madhubala turned numb as their love story is heard at those times.  As their love story is remembered by many close to them is that after that, both of them decided to separate their paths in respective life journey.  Madhubala then  married Kishore Kumar before dying on 23 February 1969.


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