Madhuri Dixit Answers Her Fans’ Questions & They Will Make You Fall In Love With Her All Over Again

By Khushi Kabra

July 31, 2018

When you think of an elegant actress today, Madhuri Dixit’s name often comes to mind. Her beauty and elegance have no match. Social media gives her million fans a chance to interact with her. And so when Madhuri Dixit indulged in an ‘Ask Me Anything’ session on Instagram earlier today, fans wasted no time in responding.

We are by now well aware of Instagram’s latest feature ‘Ask Me Anything’. Undoubtedly, it has become celebrities’ favourite too. Whenever they are free, they host these AMA sessions and try to answer all the questions of their fans. True to her word, she arrived on time and answered all the questions of her fans.

As food always comes first, this was the first question that was asked: 

Followed by this important query.

Here’s the answer you were waiting for

The question that comes to our minds every now and then. How does she still look so young?!

Well, that’s a cute name. Definitely suits her!

This answer is the proof that she is smart, talented, gorgeous and WITTY too! 

This answer couldn’t get any better. 

Learn how to get out of trouble from Madhuri Dixit 

She even gave some life lessons. 

and then it was time to end the session!


Until next time, Madhuri!