We have now stumbled upon in such troubled times that anyone desperate for money would so anything to anyone, as long as they can have their way. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt allegedly received death threats but the accused is already in custody. The suspect said that he would “pump his daughter Alia Bhatt and wife Soni Razdan with bullets” if he does not get Rs.50 lakh.


Earlier thought to be a prank call, Mahesh Bhatt approached the police later when he received a WhatsApp message claiming to be a gang leader and saying “If you fail to do so, I will fire several rounds of bullets in your daughter Alia and wife Soni.” This was not the first time that he had faced such a problem. In November, 2014 also, he had received such threats.

Somehow the suspect was stupid enough to send out his account details, just keeping his name anonymous, and this the police were able to track him down. “The accused messaged his account details. We managed to track him through his mobile phone number. He is in custody.”

This clearly shows that the suspect is not someone who is deep rooted in the crime business as his actions show his ignorance regarding police officials and their means.

Mahesh Bhatt thanked officials and tweeted today at 8.50 am, after the incident saying “A bolt from the blue in the form of an extortion call & threat to my family was nipped in the bud by the MH & UP police in tandem. Gratitude!”

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