We all have our chaaddi buddies, and we are damn crazy for them. Sometimes even a boyfriend doesn’t hold that much value that a bestie does! But then a time comes when you and your chaddi buddy get separated. Sometimes due to different schools/colleges, jobs and definitely due to marriage! You end up living in two different corners of the country. Well, not everyone is lucky to have their partners in crime with them all the time. And sometimes in this process, one gets busy in their personal lives and gradually the relationship fades away.

Are you and your bestie also in different cities or maybe different countries all together? Then follow these points to maintain that thick bond.


  • Tring! Tring! Tring!!

Okay so earlier you talked or met daily, even for the minutest of the gossips. And now? Don’t even remember the last time? That’s because you had time before and now you don’t, which anyone can understand. But it won’t even hurt, if you could make a call once in a weak?

  • Surprise them!

You could always surprise them by taking a short trip to their city on some occasion or in general and give them the shock! Like on their birthdays! I remember I did that for mine, and she was completely in a state of awe for me!

  • Trip tripping!

Plan a trip together to someplace, be it in India or to some other country, and at least once in a year. Both of you can take your peeps along, so as you both get acquainted to each other’s groups.

  • Skype calling!

Get on with your skyping skills! Make video calls to your bestie and at any point of the day, even if it’s just for 5 minutes or even if it’s just to say HI and BYE.  The minutest of gestures matter here.


  • Gift galore

Every 3-4 months, send a gift or a card (not online!) to them. The gift doesn’t need to be expensive. Even a 5 rupee chocolate will get a smile on their face.

  • Pokey pokey

Start poking them on every social media site. Tag them in some post, or in your old pictures or even in videos. Dedicate songs to them on face book. There is nothing shameful in expressing your love for them! You are besties after all!!

  • Darkest hour

In their dark times, be there for them, physically or mentally, as the situation demands. Let them know that they are not alone!

No matter how old you grow, or the circumstance that be, never forget the kids that you guys were once and relive those memories again and again, as you get to live only once!


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