Make Home Made Penicillin Having Pharmaceutical Properties

The oranges and the bread are among the most popular food items which can be found in almost any kitchen around the globe but, what is interesting about these two food items is that if you leave them around for a longer period of time they will start producing penicillin. Does it sounds strange? So, that kind of a greenish mold on the surface of ‘rotten’ oranges and bread is called Penicillium and is actually homemade penicillin.

This kind of homemade penicillin has in itself the same properties and pharmaceutical penicillin and can as well come in quite handy for someone who doesn’t have access to a pharmacy and needs the medication to prevent health complications. As for example, you went out of town to some remote cottage in the mountain and you get injured and an infection develops. You have with you no drugs and medications and no means to reach the city and buy some. What can you do in this situation? Only follow our instructions and you will actually be able to deal with the infection quite easily:
• Place a little bit of bread in a plastic container or a bag and leave it until spores start forming on it.
• Break this one up into small pieces, moisturize it a bit and get it back to the container.
• Wait the mold to start becoming green and you’ll have your homemade penicillin as that mold has similar characteristics as the drug.
You can now start using it against your infection. Follow these next steps:

Place the pieces of bread in a bowl and pour some warm water over them and make sure the water is not boiling. Mix these all nicely and consume the mixture and repeat this process if you think you need to and the infection doesn’t subside. No matter its awful taste and the fact that it may upset your stomach or cause diarrhoea, take the remedy as it will help you with the infection. The remedy has been used by the ancient civilizations for centuries.
The penicillin is, of course, an available and inexpensive drug which you can find in every pharmacy so you might think that this method is not practical and you may think you’ll never use it. But bear in mind for when you are in the middle of nowhere and get injured without access to drugs and hospitals. You may as well find this information quite useful then.

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