Do you have veins popping out under your transparent skin? No, not literally popping out but are they extremely visible and look like purple tree branches on your smooth skin? Many of us have this problem and the reason this is a problem is because it doesn’t look pretty when we want to wear cute or a little exposing outfits.

It makes one look like a corpse or Voldemort. But did you know that you have a way to handle this situation? Yes, you can actually hide those veins or in simpler terms, relax them.


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The solution is massaging with olive oil. All you need to so do is warm up some olive oil and massage it on your skin where the veins are available. Remember to use gentle movements. If the problem is on your feet then starts from the ankles and work your way up.

What this will do is that it will increase blood circulation in your veins, relaxing them and then the veins will cease to pop out. Use this method every day for better results and also for super smooth and healthy skin.

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