Make-up makeovers

Looks good, right.
By Maharaaj K Koul
Beauty is truth’s smile when she beholds her own face in a perfect mirror.
— Gurudev Tagore
It’s the latest thing in make-up. And, its poster girl — literally — is Hollywood star Angelina Jolie. British make-up artist Charlotte Tibury used a miracle-working powder compact’ designed to make the roundest of faces look toned, by defining the cheekbones. The brighter powder makes the cheekbones look bright and shiny, and there’s a darker powder which creates depth when brushed into the hollows of the cheeks. You may not get Jolie’s cheekbones, but it’s a start.

Kim Kardashian, on the other hand, uses a style for her flawless look as do many women in showbiz in the United States. As far as make-up techniques go, after contouring, the latest make-up that allows women to get rid of all blemishes on their facial skin, is baking it. Also known as the ‘cooking’ method, this technique has always been popular with drag queens across the world. Used by Kim Kardashian’s make-up artist Mario Dedivanovic frequently, baking the face is perfect for a glamorous evening that will see you face harsh lights. Perfect for the camera, this make-up style has become quite popular with A-listers on red carpet outings. Here’s how you bake it:

Step 1: Moisture your face.

Step 2: Use a concealer all over your face, under the eyes, cheekbone, hairline. Blend it well.

Step 3: Take a loose powder, brush it over your face. Let it sit for 15 minutes. Blend your face, dust off the powder. The heat from your face would have set the concealer.

Step 4: Use a face mist to give a dewy and fresh effect.

Perfect for the wedding or party season, let your face be baked for that ultra-gloss finish. This technique also has the sandbagging effect which makes dark circles totally disappear. Says Delhi-based make-up expert Komal Gulati: “Baking is the smartest trend in party make-up. This technique uses your body heat to set your base makeup and give a flawless, creaseless and pore-less complexion; it highlights your cheekbones or jawlines.” She adds: “Try not to use too much concealer, as this is a cakey make-up regimen. So, bake with caution.”

After the popularity of nail decals, beauty brands are now taking the stick-on trend a step ahead and coming up with make-up stickers for the eyes and lips. A mix of eyebrow fill-ins, eyeliners and lipsticks – you can get all of these in the form of stickers. If you’re looking for a quick make-up routine or want to dress up dramatically for that upcoming party, these appliques are a great option. Easy to apply, they last long and add drama to any look, without consuming too much of your time.

And don’t get jealous of beautifully made-up screen idols. Just hone your skills by pursuing some expert makeup tips:

Buy the proper foundation. An off-colour base will make every other cosmetic you apply look not quite right.

Prime your lids. Before you apply shadow or liner, prime lids with a special base for lids, or with a light swipe of foundation followed by powder. Not only will this even the tone of your eyelids, it will also make your shadows go on more smoothly and last longer.

Avoid contouring with a blush. For a more classic, attractive look, apply blush to the apples of your cheeks in a circular motion, and avoid swiping the brush out towards your hairline.

Set makeup with loose powder. Loose powder is easier to control and more versatile than its pressed cousin. Pick a loose powder with a yellow undertone to ensure it works with your skin tone, and apply with a fluffy powder brush.

Dull hair, lackluster skin and puffy eyes – all that make-up, late-night partying and binge-drinking must have created havoc on your skin and hair. Here are some quick solutions to get back your natural beauty:

Lifeless skin: Constant application of make-up takes a toll on the skin, making it look dull and causing breakouts. It needs a thorough, deep cleansing. Try a gentle cleanser that will remove dirt and oil without stripping the skin of its moisture. Use face masks twice a week.

Tired, puffy eyes: To reduce puffiness around the eyes caused by lack of sleep and alcohol, drink plenty of water throughout the day and place herbal tea bags (the bags should be immersed in hot water for two – three minutes and then cooled) over closed eyes.

Lackluster hair: If you’ve overstyled your tools and products, your locks will get frizzy and out of control. Indulge in hot oil massages and hair masks. Avoid using hairstyling tools for a few days.

Brittle nails: Fancy party manicures and nail art can make cuticles dry and brittle. To rejuvenate them, mix a teaspoon of olive oil to a few drops of lemon juice. Massage the mixture on your nails every night. Don’t forget to wear gloves before going to sleep. Do you know that a championship for hairstyling, nail aesthetics, body art and make-up is held every year in September in Almaty, capital of the Central Asian nation Kazakhistan? A British-Asian teenage girl Zahra Sadiq, travelling on the Number 14 bus from Stechford Retail Part towards Birmingham city in Britain in December 2015, was thrown off the bus by a woman conductor for wearing too much make-up to have a child’s ticket.

Bizarre Facials!

Celebs don’t care what they put on their faces as long as the stuff has dubious beauty benefits.

Semen facial: (Who got it: Vanessa Redgrave) Spermine, one of the ingredients in sperm, is rich in antioxidants and is supposed to slow down ageing and reduce acne.

Human placenta facial: (Jennifer Lopez) Biological protein derived from human placenta, a thick, white cream, is plastered on to the face and neck.

Bird droppings facial: (Marcia Cross) Uguisu no fun, a Japanese powder made from song-bird faeces, was used by 18th century geishas.

Vampire facial: (Kim Kardashian) Medically known as platelet-rich-plasma procedure, wherein blood from the patient’s own body is injected into the face with the help of micro¬needles.

Leech facial: (Demi Moore) After a turpentine bath, a few medicinal leeches are placed on the face or body to suck out the old blood. The leeches feast on blood till they drop off.

Why women love to wear make-up

For centuries, women have been adorning themselves with make-up. A study has finally unravelled the reason – women anticipate a rush of optimism and anticipation as they prepare to wear make-up.

Japanese researchers, led by Dr Ken Mogi have carried out the study and determined that there are distinct cognitive activities involved in a woman’s perception of her face with and without make-up. They came to the conclusion after monitoring activity in the caudate nucleus of the brain of a group of women. The findings are the result of more than two years by the Japanese cosmetic giant Kanebo but came as a surprise to the research team. The researchers had expected to find that women experience positive emotions after they apply make-up. The researchers found that when a woman sees her own face without make-up, she anticipates how she will eventually appear to others and a reward system is activated, releasing dopamine to give sensations of pleasure.

“We know from previous research that when this area of the brain is activated we can derive pleasure from certain activities. We interpret that as meaning that when a woman looks at her face she is imagining how she will look when she has applied her make-up,” said Keisha Saruwatari of Kanebo. “There is a mixture of expectations, encourage­ment, and ambition. Make-up contributes to building relationships with others and feelings of pleasure in women,” adds Saruwatari.

Though the study focused on female responses the researcher believe similar feelings may be at work when a man shaves or puts on cologne on the body. “We can now not only put a functional value on a product, but also measure the emotional appeal. By using quantifiable research, we’ll be able to put an emotional value of a product and develop more appealing versions,” said co-researcher Dr Yasuhiko Tanaka.