Make Your Sex Life Hotter By Trying This!

By Ishita Bansal

Are you and your honey in a mood to add some excitement to your relationship? Boost your bond by indulging in little foreplay activities and feel the magic happening around you! Foreplay, in simple words, means anything that takes place before the climax. And if done rightly, foreplay becomes enough at times! Get ready to enhance your sex life and add pleasures to it as an intense pre-sex workout will trigger your mind, body, and soul in the most appropriate way. Here are a few arousing foreplay ideas that you must try with your partner to ignite your relationship. 

  •  Dirty Chit-Chat 

Talk to your partner in a way that makes them feel hot and active. Go for double-meaning conversations and try to understand that what actually turns on your babe. Never stop talking especially in between as communication is the key. Seek their satisfaction with the help of words. You can also write a surprise note for them that reads something hot which you can hide beneath their pillow or if your partner is are away then go for sexting in between the day itself. Make use of sentences like, ‘Be naked when I reach home’ or ‘Can’t wait to get naked with you and so. 

  • Make pre-game the main game 

The easiest way to do so is by coming up with creative ideas that include getting too close to each other, kissing like you never did, acting as strangers meeting for a one-night stand. Don’t just stick to the plain idea of having sex instead make the experience more spectacular by getting wet together in a shower or stripteasing each other or trying twerking, massaging, lap dancing, or more. Don’t just focus on undressing, once done with the game, express your emotions and gently dress each other back. 

  • Use Props

There are many products that help in adding a spark to sex life and setting the mood. From scented candles, natural body oils, flavoured condoms, erotic music, sex toys, blindfold, hot lingerie to handcuffs, and more there is a lot to order and play with. Pick your favourite ones and get ready for an exciting time. 

  • The magic of touch 

Caress and tickle them in the most gentle way. Play with their hair and do whatever, that makes you both feel soothing. Make them giggle by touching the inner area of their bicep and tricep. Breathe deeply around their ear, lips, nose, and collarbone. Lock your toes with their toes as you lay down together. Start touching their fingers, slowly taking your hands towards their shoulders and then the back. Don’t forget to play with the nipples and the pubic bone. And how can you forget about their hips, thighs, and legs? 

  • Use your tongue 

If your partner seems a bit uninterested in the pre-sex game then capture their interest within seconds by playing with your tongue! Make things a little intense by trying oral sex, that is, the ultimate pleasure of sucking and licking. This will quickly tickle their senses and spice up the mood. 

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