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Splashes, rain dances, colourful umbrellas, pakodas and hot tea – some of the thoughts that appear as soon as we hear the word rain! Monsoons bring a lot of cheer and fun. Unfortunately, it is too much for our skin to handle. While there is limited sun, there is enough humidity. The air-conditioning provides some respite but the moment we need to step out, it is a jolt for our skin, which is shocked at the temperature change. Pollution adds to some more loss of our natural glow during the monsoon. This is the time when we need to pay more attention to our beauty needs to ensure that our skin is well looked after. Just a few thoughtful steps and your skin will stay fresh and glowing throughout the season. Here we go to bring you simple skin- care tips to make your skin monsoon-ready. It is always important to use the right kind of skincare products. Opt for products which are infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera and honey as they are multi-beneficial and work mildly on your skin. Rather than overloading your skin with products, focus on bringing out your natural, fresh glow. Look for non-greasy and non-oily products and do keep a few tips in mind:

Cleansing, toning and moisturising routine

Cleansing, toning and moisturising are a must routine for all seasons. Washing off dirt from the skin pores helps keep your skin safe and blemish-free. This helps your skin breathe free. Try to use a non-soapy face wash to help maintain a clean, healthy skin without stripping your skin of its essentials oil. In the monsoon, we tend to sweat a lot and this can cause our skin pores to open up. Use a toner after cleansing to help shrink these pores. Toning the skin twice a day is important to maintain the pH balance of your skin. Invest in an alcohol-free toner with antioxidant ingredients like green tea and glycolic acid that help tighten enlarged pores, to control blemishes and acne, while removing dead cells.

If you have dry skin, then use a mild toner twice a day. If you suffer from oily skin then get hold of lavender oil and use it this monsoon. Exposure to the sun and pollution strips off the natural oils from your skin, causing it to tan and age early. Hence, even during monsoons, your skin needs moisturising. Prefer a light, non-greasy day cream with natural ingredients.

Moisturising will protect your skin from the constant dampness and pollution, and also prevent any extra oiliness or grease. Not only do you need a moisturiser during the day but also at night. This will help your skin to repair itself at night and give it the strength to fight monsoon skin allergies.

Pamper your skin with natural treats.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating the skin is necessary to get rid of the dead layers on your skin. Invest in products that aid in gentle exfoliation to prevent breakouts by removing dead cells and impurities from the pores. Alternatively, you could get a regular skin exfoliation treatment like microdermabrasion or mild chemical peel to reduce the risk of falling prey to infection.

Tip to control oiliness: Monsoon humidity causes the oiliness of the skin. To control this, clay masks always come in handy. They absorb the oil naturally. Look for one with tea tree or green tea extracts.

Take a break from heavy make-up

Let your pores breathe. Avoid clogging them with heavy base foundations or make-up. Instead, use an everyday skin stylist like a CC cream infused with natural ingredients like aloe vera can give you the dual benefit of make-up and nourishment that it needs. If you need to apply foundation, choose one which is enriched with a light formula.

Tip for creating a natural make-up look: Use a waterproof gel kajal to create a winged eye look, and pair it with a matte lipstick.

Sensitive areas need extra care

The skin on our lips and around our eyes is thinner than that on the rest of the face, so they need extra care. You would notice that heat and humidity can make the eyes burn. Make sure you splash your eyes with water regularly to keep them fresh and bright. The lips get chapped and darkened. To protect them, keep your lips moistened with vaseline or lip balm. Vitamin C will help boost your immune system and you will be able to fight infections.

Never forget the sunscreen

You may argue it’s monsoon, there is hardly any sun, and it is cloudy all over. Even if it isn’t sunny outside, do not forget to put an ample amount of sunscreen on the exposed parts of your body before you leave the house. Even a slight exposure to the harmful UV rays can end up damaging your skin. Use nothing below SPF 30 and opt for non-sticky, lightweight and ultra-matte finish. Apply it where your skin gets exposed to the sun for a long period of time. Re-apply frequently, especially after swimming or drying yourself with a towel.

What’s on your plate

Last but definitely not the least; make sure that you are eating right. Monsoon time urges all of us to indulge in deep fried oily street food. Not to forget, it is also the season to fall sick and get loads of infections. Avoid street foods, especially raw and uncooked. Eat healthy food instead. Add as many fruits and vegetables as you can your diet. Also, make sure you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated and maintain the glow of your skin.

Follow these steps and your skin will thank you for helping it remain fresh and glowing all through the monsoon season.