Temperatures are soaring and summer seems to be officially here. Well, Indian summer season is all about sweat, heat, dust and more. Beating the morning sun becomes a priority for people who commute daily to and from work.


An easy way to beat the heat would be to add a few natural as well as light fabric clothes to your wardrobe. Heavy clothes will only increase your suffering in the heat. So, say bye-bye to dark tones and bring out the pastel colours.


Here are the ways to beat the heat this summer and look fashionable at the same time!


  • Khadi

A light and breathable fabric that will keep you comfortable in the heat of the summer. This fabric has made its way from villages to the racks of famous designers like Sabyasachi, Wendell Rodricks and Rajesh Pratap Singh. It is also an integral part of our culture.

  • Hemp

A perfectly light, comfortable and great fabric for the hot summer. It absorbs and releases moisture with ease, making it extremely breathable. This fabric also contains anti-microbial agents and also helps you get through intensely hot summer days.

  • Linen

A lightweight fabric that dries fast and keep you cool in summer. Its appreciated for the coolness it provides as its fabric facilitates better airflow and its structure doesn’t stick to your skin.

  • Organic Cotton

Organic cotton clothes are comfortable and feel easy on the skin. They are non-toxic, do not give out allergies and environmental friendly. Being light-weight and light-coloured, organic cotton clothes are best for summer.

  • Chanderi

A clever blend of cotton and light silk, this fabric will keep you comfortable during summer. It is extensively used by fashion bloggers to create Indo-western dresses, tops and tunics. Bollywood divas like Vidya Balan and Kareena Kapoor have also popularised this handloom fabric.