Making Love Vs Sex – Let’s Get To Know The Difference!!

Sex is an extremely personal act between two people who are attracted and romantically involved with one other. But, contrary to popular belief, making love is not the same as having sex with someone. Making love to someone involves an emotional and mental connection, whereas having sex involves participating in a physical relationship for pleasure or to meet sexual desires and needs. Let’s define the distinction between making love and having sex.


When someone makes love to another person, they are most likely having an emotional conversation with them that has inspired sentiments of love, closeness, and desires inside them. It is started after establishing a connection. While sex can occur at any time, even without a dialogue, it usually occurs due to a bodily urge.

Make eye contact.

People create strong eye contact with the person with whom they are in love. In their eyes are mingled sensations of love, caring, affection, and so forth. And it’s a very heartwarming sensation. Sex, on the other hand, does not entail strong eye contact in the traditional sense.


Those who make love to their lovers approach sex with care. They approach it slowly, gently, and tenderly. While sex normally has a tough style to it that partners like participating in.


Partners make a point of touching each other with great care when making love. Gentle kisses on the lips, cheeks, forehead, entwining fingers, and other tiny gestures of making love add to the romance. Sex is merely preparing for the sexual intercourse act with a little foreplay.


People who make love to their lovers want their partners to stay after sex, cuddle, and sleep. After sex, cuddling in bed may be quite romantic and also builds an emotional bond. Those who merely have sex are more likely to depart afterward rather than stay for cuddling.

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