An electrician of Firozabad area cut power supply of Linepar police station for more than four hours after he was fined with Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet while riding.

The incident took place on Tuesday evening. As indicated by the electrician distinguished as Srinivas.  He had said, “I was coming back to local power station (Labor province) on my bike in the after fixing an issue in Badi Chapeti, when sub-inspector Ramesh Chandra stopped me and issued a challan of Rs 500 for not wearing a helmet while driving. I likewise made him to speak to my junior on telephone who additionally mentioned him to leave me, yet he didn’t listen.”

He had further added, “The cop, alongside his peers, began clarifying me the standards for violating traffic rules and consequently, I explained them the guidelines and penalty for not paying the electricity bill on due time. The police headquarters of Linepar had a pending bill of Rs 6.62 lakh. In this manner, later I disconnected the power supply of the police headquarters”.

A sub-divisional official of DVVNL Firozabad area Ranveer Singh stated, “A few updates were sent to the police headquarters for pending bills. On Wednesday, we led a re-check of pending bills of Linepar police headquarters and found that police office owes Rs 7 lakh. They haven’t paid a single penny since 2016.”

He had further stated, “The electrician and different workers were maddened over issuing of challan by the police. The men have not received his salary for the previous four months and Srinivas told his failure to pay Rs 500 as challan. Subsequent to creating the electricity bill, the cops reached us on Tuesday night to settle the matter.”

“The activity of the electrician was unjustifiable. Since 4.30pm, there was no power supply in the police headquarters for almost four hours. We reached senior authorities of DVVNL against his demonstration,” said station house official of Linepar police station.

“Our region superintendent did not spare even 70 cops who were found violating the traffic standards, how might we have absolved the electrician. The due amount of bill would be paid soon to DVVNL,” added the SHO.

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