We celebrate Republic day on 26th January every year as the Constitution of India was signed on this day in 1950. Since then, we’ve achieved freedom but have we achieved the true freedom of expression yet?

A plethora of issues go unattained and nobody speaks of them yet. On the morning of the 69th Republic Day the students of R.D. National College, from BMM departments’ Cutting Chai Core Committee decided to throw light on various social and political issues which go unnoticed and are ignored by the country’s leaders. Cutting chai collaborated with “Tea Pea” Cafe and decided to talk about these issues peacefully. This event was named “Chai pe Charcha” and students approached individuals with Chai and discussed issues like Mental illness, LGBT rights, Domestic Violence, Rape, Freedom of speech and expression.

Various political leaders were present and the students reached out to them for their views. Mascots were dressed up as victims who approached people one by one and tried to spread awareness about these core issues. A massive audience present at the Shivaji Park to witness the Annual Republic Day Parade also took part, and hence the message was received on a larger scale.

Very soon, the students were out of chai cups but their thoughts and views kept piling more and more. The reaction was very positive. The entire event that kick-started at 7 AM concluded by 11 AM. The enthusiasm, passion, and patriotism to spread the message were reflected in the efforts they put to spread these messages. Their poster reflected the pain victims go through. We applaud the efforts that the students put in and wish them success in their upcoming campaigns. “Bharat Toh Azaad Hogaya, par kya Soch Azaad Hogi?”

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