Meet 2 Indian men who crafted Emma Watson’s The Beauty and The Beast dresses!

Disney’s much anticipated film, The Beauty and The Beast just released and is winning hearts all across the world. The magnum opus starring Emma Watson, is swooning the audience with its dreamy production, flowery song sequences and of course, Emma Watson’s fairy gowns!

We hooked to surprise, as soon as we learnt that some of the breath-taking attires worn by Belle (Emma Watson) were delicately hand-crafted by 2 Indian weavers from Bhuj, Gujarat.

As a part of the Who made my clothes initiative, the assistant costume designer of the film, Sinéad O’Sullivan shared the story of two brothers who put in their immense hard work to bring in intricate floral embroidery on Emma’s dreamy dresses.

Here’s what she said, “Belle’s bodice from @Beautyandthebeast was beautifully hand embroidered by artisan brothers Kasam and Juma in Bhuj, Western India. They used a technique called “Aari work” which is a very fine chain stitch traditional to the Kutch area of Gujarat. This style lent itself very nicely to this eighteenth century French floral design.”

The Beauty and The Beast’s costume designer Jacqueline Durran especially hired these 2 Bhuj brothers to intricately embroider the floral design by hand.

We are so proud of you Kasam and Juma!