Dinosaurs fuel the public imagination like no other creature. They were the largest monsters to “walk the Earth.”

According to  paleontologist William Lindsay, “Dinosaurs give you a real sense of the vastness of time.” Dinosaurs give us access to some of the most powerful truths our species has come to understand – that, one, our planet has an incredibly deep history, two, life has changed through time, and three, the threat of extinction is real. We find it difficult to believe that these colossal creatures that once roamed the Earth became extinct due to one calamity.

Paleontologists in Australia have identified a new species of Dinosaurs, naming it the ‘Australotitan cooperensis’ and recognizing it not only as the largest to ever roam the continent but also among the biggest in the world. The Australian cooperensis or “the southern titan”, is among the 15 largest dinosaurs found worldwide.

Experts said the titanosaur would have been up to 6.5m (21ft) tall and 30m long, or “as long as a basketball court”. Its skeleton was first discovered on a farm in southwest Queensland.

The bones were first found in 2007 on a family farm near Eromanga, which was owned by two of the dinosaur researchers, Robyn and Stuart Mackenzie. It lived in southwest Queensland between 92–96 million years ago when Australia was attached to Antarctica, and the last vestiges of a once-great inland sea had disappeared.Meet Cooper

The discovery of Australotitan is a major new addition to the “terrible lizards” of Oz. The team of researchers had nicknamed the dinosaur ‘Cooper’ while working on it, after the nearby Cooper Creek where it was found.

“Australia is one of the last frontiers for dinosaur discovery and Queensland is quickly cementing itself as the palaeo-capital of the nation – there is still plenty more to discover,” said Dr. Jim Thompson, chief executive of the Queensland Museum Network.

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