Meet Dishani, Adopted Daughter Of Mithun, Who Was Found In a Garbage Bin- Exclusive.

Babies in the Bollywood industry are a different level sensation. A baby that made rounds of sensation isn’t a baby anymore. She has grown into a beautiful woman. Still no idea who we are talking about? It is Dishani Chakraborty, the adopted daughter of India’s superstar and veteran actor, Mithun Chakraborty.

She may not be his biological daughter, but she is much more than that. He rescued her from a garbage bin in her childhood. Killing his dance moves, Mithun earned the title of ‘disco dancer’. He adopted a baby he found near a dumpster.

As per a report, the rescue story goes something like this:

A leading Bengali daily had once reported that a child had been abandoned by her family and left her all alone near the garbage. A few passers-by had noticed her and one of them took her home. Mithun read the news the next day and immediately darted across the city.

He instantly expressed his wish to adopt the baby to the rescuers. His wife, Yogita Bali fully supported him in his noble endeavour and took an instant liking to the baby. They completed the paper works and took the baby home.

He named her Dishani and treated her nothing less than a daughter. She has always been a daddy’s girl. She is one of four children of Mithun. As the other three are sons, her being the only daughter invited a lot of pampering.

Coming from an acting family, she is indeed a fan of the industry. Her favourite star is Salman Khan. Dishani Chakraborty is currently pursuing an acting course at the prestigious New York Film Academy. We hope to see her making her debut soon.

Indeed, our respect for Mithun Da has grown tenfold after hearing about his noble act. We need more people like him. 

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