Megha Rajagopalan, On Winning Her Pulitzer Reward, Expressed Amazement And Gratitude And Continued As More Works To Be Done

As the big round goes, Megha Rajagopalan wasn’t enjoying the Pulitzer announcement ceremony as she had no anticipation of winning. However, Megha, the global reporter and the worldwide correspondent for BuzzFeed News, came to know about her collection subjected to China’s Uighur Muslims apprehension camps won her the Pulitzer Reward, in the international coverage classification, after editor-in-chief Mark Schoofs referred the award to her.

According to BuzzFeed News, Rajagopalan stated in pure exclamation. “I remain in full shock, I did not anticipate this,” Megha achieved the Pulitzer Prize along with contributors like Alison King, a licensed architect as well as Christo Buschek, a programmer for the sequence revealing the dimensions of the internment of Uighur Muslims in China’s Xinjiang province. However, this happened to be the primary Pulitzer for BuzzFeed information.

Megha Rajagopalan expressed her gratitude and strong determination through an additional tweet, where she said, “Am so grateful to our team, to @BuzzFeedNews, @alexcampbell & the organizations that supported us. Most of all I’m grateful to ex-detainees who told us what happened to them inside Xinjiang’s camps. The public owes much to their courage. Still much more work to be done.”

BuzzFeed declared in a report, that Megha Rajagopalan who speaks Tamil and Mandarin Chinese, was the very first reporter to go to an internment camp which was utilized to keep and maintain the Uighur Muslims within the restive Xinjiang province at one time in the year 2017 when China was denying their existence. Nevertheless, Megha continued reporting on the camps from London, together with Alison Killing, an architect, and Christo Buschek, a programmer. Megha is undoubtedly one of the two Indian Americans to win the highest American award for journalism.

Megha has been now practically working for BuzzFeed News for 5 years. She was mostly based in China and Thailand along with Israel and the Palestine territories. She was also a political correspondent for Reuters in China. Besides Her wide layout of reporting covered the North Korean nuclear crisis to peace progress of Afghanistan, happening from 23 countries of Asia and the Middle East.

For her outstanding work devotion, she has also received the Human Rights Press Award in 2018 as well as the Mirror Award in 2019.

On a very personal note, Megha ended up stating to her parents, that, “I’m deeply grateful to them for their support and assistance”. She also adjoined, “Nobody in my family has ever worked in media, yet they have always supported and actually constantly sustained my career in journals, and have also been my biggest cheerleaders and most significant supporters since I was a student.”

On these special notes, we bestow this gorgeous lady, a huge appreciation and a round of applause and wish her miles of success ahead.

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