Mehjabi Siddiqui and Sabyasachi were evicted from the Bigg Boss house yesterday. Yesterday’s eviction came as a surprise to everyone as it was a double eviction. Initially Mehjabi was evicted from the house. Mehjabi, who was called ‘anaconda’ by Salman Khan after her claims of beating every housemate and winning the show, got the lowest number of votes. On coming out of the Bigg Boss house, she shared something shocking.

In her first interview with a news portal, she said, “I am out of Bigg Boss because of Hina Khan. She spoiled my game completely. I was naive to fall for her tricks and I can’t accept the fact that I am out, while she is still going strong.”

On the other hand, Sabyasachi Satpathy, who became the latest captain of the house also got evicted last night. On his exit from the house, he was a little disappointed. He said, “They all showed trust in me and it was the first time when they actually decided something with ‘apasi sehmati’ and made me the captain. So it’s a little upsetting.”

Sabyasachi too had something to say about once close friend Hina Khan, who started maintaining distance from him after Priyank’s re-entry on the show. Post that, he was mostly seen alone on the show. He said, “I preferred to stay alone as I didn’t want to get into unnecessary jhagdas. Yes, I was with Hina but she always used to judge me. For whatever time we were together she was just observing me that how strong I was as a person. And then Priyank re-entered and she totally changed. She thought now I could make my army. Then she kept the one arm distance from me.”

Both Mehjabi and Sabyasachi were a part of the padosi gang but they weren’t really able to impress the Janta outside. Mehjabi said, “When we entered the main house, we should have been together. Our motive was to make life hell for the housemates. But Hina played smart and got Luv (Tyagi) on her side. With Lucinda (Nicholas) also leaving and Sabyasachi being friendly with everyone, I was left alone. I survived the game playing solo but in the house, you need bonding and relationships to survive.”

Mehjabi said that she started taking a stand in the last couple of days. She said, “Finally, the audience had started seeing my true self and I am out. I had just now understood the game and was doing well. I wish I can get a chance to go back in the house so that I can take revenge for whatever wrong happened with me. Hina talks about class and mujhe uski aukad dekhani hai (I want to show Hina her class). If I don’t get a chance, I will live with a regret that I missed on this big opportunity.”

Mehjabi feels that it is only because of Hina that she is out of the house and she really deserves another chance to be there. She said, “Hina is a fattu and she is really scared of me. I was a threat for the housemates and thus they were always very sweet to me. I was a fool to believe their tricks and became submissive. Only recently, I realised that they are great players and I too had started showing my moves. But my game plan was cut short by this eviction. They could have just evicted Sabyasachi for now, and given me just one more week. I am confident that I would have surprised everyone.”

Sasbyasachi also showed the evil side of Hina by sharing that she instigates everyone inside the house. He even shared, “Yes. She is Miss always right. She will try and cry and make people believe that she is right. In the recent episode where she was sent to jail by gharwalas, she said, ‘Sabyasachi is nobody’. So I told her, ‘Ok fine I’m nobody but when you’re somebody at least behave like one.’”

He added, “Celebrities are basically not able to digest that commoners are getting more attention on the show. I have even heard Hina saying that, ‘Pehle padosi ko nikaalo fir commoners ko dekh lenge.’”

As per Sabyasachi and Mehjabi, Shilpa or Vikas have high chances of winning the show. However, what they shared about Hina is something really disappointing. In the last episode, Salman too agreed with Arshi and said that it is Hina who is trying to create issues in the house out of nowhere. If this continues, Hina is likely to lose a lot of followers! What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

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