For all those who have experienced romantic love as well as those who have observed others, know that the first stage of the relationship starts off with roses and petals. All thing are cherry colored and the world seems perfect. That is right, it seems ‘perfect’, but is this image of perfection, the truth?

People want to look good at dates, they give out their best performance, but there are a few things that no one can hide. These things may include bad habits. By bad habits I mean habits that are simply not acceptable by the other partner i.e. are considered bad by the other partner. Maybe the person is a heavy drinker or exchanges contact information with just about anyone of the opposite gender. These things may create problems later but at the time you may not even be observing these things.

What you need to do in such situations, is to trust your gut feeling. Your mind and heart might play ticks on you but your guts will never lie. You can also try asking your friends about their opinion. Before falling head over heels for someone and before taking big life decisions, it is always healthy to first consult with someone. Of course a passionate and reckless love fable might set your heart on fire and provide you with all the adrenaline that you have been missing all this time, but the pain that will come later, is not worth it. This doesn’t mean that you should become an over skeptical scaredy cat who is afraid of making mistakes. We are all flawed and the new partner too has every right to be flawed. But regretting later is not cool.

If after consulting your friends and your gut feelings, you still want to be with that person then the next step should be to tell them the things that bother you. Don’t blames them, just point out the things that hurt you. Tell them that you don’t want to change them as a person, you just want to make some adjustments and you too are willing to do the same if the situation arises in the future. This way there is a chance that if your partner truly wants to stay with you, they will make an effort to improve on those habits. If they don’t, then that is your cue.

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