Mika Singh Makes A Diss Track For KRK! Check Out What Made Him Do So!

By Ishita Bansal

Famous Indian rapper Mika Singh has confirmed the release of a diss song that he has specially made for Kamaal Rashid Khan commonly known as KRK, a struggling artist in Bollywood who is known to be a part of numerous baseless controversies over the years. Singer Mika Singh feels that he has had enough of pointless statements that KRK comes up with every then and now. KRK feels no fear in attacking personally on renowned celebrities. 

In the recent past, KRK had bad-mouthed about Salman Khan. As a result, Mika Singh in support of Salman Khan has filed a defamation lawsuit against KRK. Apart from that, Mika has also shared a video from his studio giving everyone a sneak-peek into the diss song. The title of the diss track is KRKutta, which simply means a barking dog. Mika said that he supports the decision of Salman Khan to sue KRK.

Adding on more, KKR had also tweeted about Mika being a ‘chirkut singer’. In response, Mika tweeted in Punjabi that ‘He only picks on the soft people in Bollywood. He won’t mess with his daddy. Tell my son to unblock me, please. I am not Karan Johar or Anurag Kashyap. I am his daddy!’. 

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