Milan Fashion Week 2022: Maximilian Davis Makes His Debut For Ferragamo; Checkout!

Maximilian Davis made his debut at Milan Fashion Week for Ferragamo. Least to say the collection was breathtaking Set in the courtyard of a scarlet clad Palazzo, Ferragamo spring/summer 2023 celebrated sensuality.

The collection displayed immaculate tailoring, featuring a lot of skirt suits, and tonal trench coats, in suede. Keeping in mind Ferragamo’s legacy Davis decided to incorporate the iconic gianccini symbol in Bags and in shoes as heels. Davis also displayed some beautiful color work, with styles that looked like they had colors bleeding through them. The collection retained a very beachy vibe with flowy garments seeing Ferragamo also incorporated swimwear in the collection.

The collection was also very Inclusive as it also included some hooded elements which could cater to more conservative costumers. Sheer crystal jumpsuits, and shimmery tailored two pieces added a bit of sparkle to the collection. Davis closed the collection with draped gowns with shimmery sheer panels in the middle.

Davis’ twist to Ferragamo was absolutely stunning as he undressed the house. David stripped down Ferragamo as he brought in a sense of sexiness to the brand, which had maintained itself to be pretty sophisticated over the years. Many critics described Davis’ collection as sensualized glamour, while his press notes also stated the collection to be “fetishized”.

Men wearing tight leather shorts, and women wearing barely there bandeaus and transparent dresses, left little to the imagination. The collection was mostly about embracing sensuality and equality as we’re living in a world which is all about breaking taboos and hailing nudity. Ferragamo really needed this twist from Maximilian as the generation which might have overlooked the brand, might pay attention to it.

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