Milan Fashion Week 2022: Moschino Tackles Inflation In The Campiest Of Couture

Moschino is notoriously recognized for poking fun at fashion. With its theatrical and campy style, the Italian fashion brand is majorly influenced by pop culture and satire. Whether it is collaborating with Barbie or doing a show just with puppets instead of models, when it comes to making controversial choices Moschino never backs down.

With inflation consuming the headlines across the US, the designer Jeremy Scott decided to tackle the economic issue in a much more nuanced way. Scott has never shied away from tackling social issues such as waste management, political art movements and consumerism, and with inflation taking over the world right now, with rising prices and decreasing purchase value of money, Scott decided to play with inflatable fashions in his latest collection for the Milan Fashion Week.

The collection displayed the qualities of colourful pool floaties, and as ridiculous as it might sound, it turned out to be quite stunning. With inflatable hems, lapels, belts, bags, and embellishments, the collection poked fun at the current state of the economy. With life rafts used as belts and hats, seem to donate the help the economies need. With colourful patterns, and inflatable evening wear Scott tried to Infuse an element of playfulness in the collection, Scott also tried to reference the 1987 stock market crash by including 80s elements, such as neon colours, power suits, and ruching.

Backstage Scott said that “Everybody’s talking about inflation,” he continued “The cost of everything’s going up: housing, food, life. So I took inflation into the collection.”

Scott also referred to the current state of the world, and how sometimes a person can feel like they’re growing but still need to make space for jo because the darker it is lighter one has to be.

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