Milind Soman And Wife Ankita Konwar’s Latest Photoshoot Is Absolutely Captivating

Milind Soman broke all stereotypes when he tied the knot with 26 years younger Assamese girl named Ankita Konwar. Despite the huge age difference, the couple has been enjoying their marital life to the fullest. The photos of the couple that surface on the social media every now and then redefines couple goals.

And now the couple got them clicked in the latest shoot and no doubt they look truly captivating. Age is just a number when it comes to this couple. Have a look at the pictures:

Milind has revealed that it was the 26-year generation gap that attracted her towards him. But were Ankita’s parents okay about it? She said, “My mom was a little surprised.” To which, Milind added, “Her mother is younger than me.” Ankita balanced the same by saying, “By two years. She always liked him as a personality, but she was a little worried. ‘Are you sure?’ she asked me.” Milind’s family said the same too!

And this is what Ankita told her parents in order to convince them for marriage, “I told them it’s not that I have to get married to him or something… I am just informing you that there is somebody in my life and I really like that person and I will spend my life with him, whether it’s going to be a wedding or no wedding. My mum said: ‘Okay, maybe someday you will change your mind (laughs)’.” The Made In India star then recalled a funny incident, “And, after some time, they wanted us to get married. In 2017 winter, we went to this fashion week and somebody took a picture and put it in the paper and we were holding hands wearing the same T-shirt. They wrote in the caption: ‘Milind Soman with his girlfriend at ’SS18’. Some people said she was 18. That became a big thing. Then her parents started getting a little anxious. By then she had already thought that she wanted to get married.

Ankita further went on to reveal how they met for the first time, “I was with AirAsia at that time. I had just come in from Malaysia because AirAsia was set up in India at that time. So, I was one of the 16 people to come here and help set up the company. I saw him and thought would go and say ‘hi’ to him, but he was so busy on the phone. At the nightclub, my friend pushed me to go say hi. I don’t like nightclubs and I haven’t been to one after that. I don’t like crowded places. I had that urge. I had to go to the club that day.”

Milind too added, “She had seen me at the hotel before we met at the nightclub. We were staying in the same hotel. We went back to that nightclub last year. It was afternoon and it was shut. We just went to see… Oh, this is where we met!”

Age is just a number, What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments section below.


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