Milind Soman Shows Off His Skills: Goes Shirtless While Working Out With A 10 kg Mudgar

Milind Soman Shows Off His Skills: Goes Shirtless While Working Out With a 10 kg Mudgar. Watch

Milind Soman’s workout videos and posts have always inspired his fans to stay in good shape. Milind never skips his workout sessions for the world. He believes in trying out something new. He shows off his amazing skills to impress the netizens.

Recently  Milind has shared a video in which trying out a new fitness device called the Mudgar. This 10 kg Mudgar is a type of gada or mace, which is usually made from wood.  Though sometimes we see Mudgars are also made of iron, it’s not common. The model is now using this as part of his daily fitness regime… 


Milind Soman writes, “Trying out new Mudgar 10 kgs,” while he also posted a video in which had shown himself using it. The beautiful surroundings seem to be a home gym amid nature. Though Milind has tried mudgar earlier too as a workout device this is the first time that he has used a 10 kg mudgar. He can be seen swinging the Mudgar over his head from one side to the other, taking deep breaths alongside.

Indian Super Model Milind Soman needs no introduction, he is a successful actor, film producer, marathon runner and fitness promoter. After recovering from Covid-19 is gradually getting back to his fitness routine. Milind Soman often shares his fitness hacks on social media. He inspires his fans by posting pictures and video uploads. In these workout videos, he flaunts his well-built body while leaving the viewers mesmerised.

Milind Soman and his better half Ankita  Konwar both are passionate about fitness. The couple tied the knot in 2018.

In one of the recent interviews, Ankita said, 

“We love our long-distance runs together. Running from one city to another or running in different parts of the world is like combining the things we love together. I think you can say that we both are very outdoorsy introverts, and I couldn’t have asked for a better friend and partner than him. He knows who he is, and he’s comfortable with that person. He loves his reflection, and I so adore that honesty and humility.”

It will be right to say that fitness is a way of life in Milind Soman’s family. The 55 years old actor’s mother Usha Soman is also a fitness enthusiast. Usha Soman is 81 years old and she is very particular about her daily fitness regime. She practices skipping reps, push-ups, jogging and yoga. Usha Soman says,” there is a wonder woman in each of us”. Milind Soman and Usha Soman are a true inspiration to th, the world, as they prove that age is just a number.

Benefits of workout with Mudgar 

Mudgar a type of gada or ace. Working out with Mudgar makes shoulder muscles strong. The swinging movements of the mudgar are beneficial for building forearm muscles strength. Using mudgar requires concentration and body balance. It enhances cardiovascular functions and gives you a well-toned body.


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