Milind Soman’s Wife Shares Her Bitter Life Experiences, “I Suffered Child Abuse and Was Lonely”

Ankita Konwar, the wife of model-actor Milind Soman, is always active on social media. Ankita shares her daily life with her fans. So often she was open about things that bothered her. In a recent post, Ankita has shared the sadness of her life with her fans. She wrote in an Instagram post about the abuse she suffered as a child, the loss of loved ones and the criticism she had to hear for staying with the person she loved. She also said that all these experiences have changed her outlook on life.

Anita Konwar is very active on social media. Recently she shared a video on Instagram. In which she shared that, as a child, she faced abuse, grew up in a hostel, lived alone abroad, the ones she trusted the most stabbed her in the back.

“Lost brother, ex-boyfriend, father. I was annoyed by my appearance and criticized for staying with the person I loved. Even after all that has happened, if you see me as a positive person, then yes, I am positive. Love yourself ‘, she wrote in the caption of the video.

Commenting on Ankita’s post, Milind Soman accompanied her. He posted a heart emoji saying, ‘You have come this far after enduring a lot.’ Other netizens also praised her patience. ‘You are very brave and beautiful. Keep shining like this’, wrote a fan. So you preserve your beauty without any pretence, said another.

Milind Soman and Ankita Konwar got married in 2018. Due to the age gap between the two, their relationship has always been in the spotlight. Milind is 26 years older than Ankita. There is an interesting story about how Milind and Ankita met. In fact when Ankita was going through the unexpected demise of her Ex-boyfriend. At this point, Ankita was very depressed. She wanted to come out of her grief. Hence she decided to move out of the country. Ankita started working with Air Asia. One day, as she was a cabin crew in Malaysia, she saw Milind Soman on board. Thus the love story began.

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