Mira Rajput Flaunts Expensive Gift Given By Shahid Kapoor After The Success Of Kabir Singh?

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput make for one of the most beautiful couples of the B-town. They have been married for years now, yet they share the same amount of warmth and admiration. They have been giving us marital goals for almost four years now. And we can only see love growing fonder between the two. This sort of love encourages one and all to believe in love. They make for a happy family with their two kids Misha Kapoor and Zain Kapoor.

This time, Mira Kapoor flaunted her nails in her Instagram story, but what caught everyone’s attention was her big stone ring. No wonder if it is a gift of the doting husband Shahid or Mira pampered herself with the same. It was absolutely picture perfect. As she Mira was also wearing a bracelet that was going with her nails and the ring. The star wife exactly knows what to compliment with what. Have a look:

Shahid had once recalled the first time when he met his wife, Mira. He had stated in an interview, “It was a lovely evening and light was falling on her face. She just turned towards me and smiled and said something. I was like she is so young but I like her, I thought if something is wrong with me”.

Shahid had also shared the details of their first meeting and shared, “Mira and I never dated. We just met three to four times and decided to get married. I was about to start shooting for Udta Punjab when I met first met, Mira. I remember I went to her house for the first time and I was in the Tommy zone. It was adventurous of Mira to agree to marry a guy who looked like Tommy. I also remember telling her — ‘I am going to colour my hair.’ You should have seen her face. She is this 20-something girl coming out of LSR College and she was like ‘What?’ And when I told her I am playing a character called Tommy, she said, ‘That is not the name of a guy, it is the name of a dog.”

Mira had always been vocal about her decisions and once talked about the idea of arranged marriage and shared, “Why not (go for an arranged marriage)? You have to meet someone in some way! It worked for us so beautifully because both of us laid our cards in the open in the beginning. We were ourselves. There was a different kind of discovery after marriage but there was no negative surprise. I understood the role I had to take and he (Shahid) understood that he had to become a part of my life. Both of us have given and taken a lot of each other and we have become more wholesome. It’s two halves that make a whole.”