Mira Rajput Kapoor Shares A Strong Message On Breastfeeding And She Is Absolutely Right

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September 11, 2018

Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Kapoor are enjoying being on the sky. The reason behind their gladness is known to all. Well, for the ones who have been living under the rocks all this while, Mira and Shahid recently welcomed their second baby and they have named their son, Zain Kapoor.

As this was the 23-year-old’s second pregnancy, Mira was certain about some things that she will follow post her delivery and shares the same with us.

Here are a few excerpts from her recent interview – 

‘Breast-feeding is the greatest gift you can give your baby’

In an interview with Zoomtv.com a few weeks ago, Mira had revealed that there are certain things she feels every mother should do. “I have spoken about the importance of feeding the baby in the past too. I was extremely religious with Misha and I am going to do the same with my newborn. It is the greatest gift you can give your baby,” says the mother of two.

‘Be happy and Eat Well’  “Also important is to sleep whenever the kids allow you to because that will no more be in your own hand,” she adds.

Just like a responsible and doting mother when Zain wasn’t born, Mira had it in mind to make sure that Misha doesn’t feel neglected. Here’s what she retorted, “This time I already have a toddler around and keeping a balance between the one you have and the one that’s on its way is very important.

Meanwhile, in another media interaction, when she was asked about her career pat came her reply, “Yes, I would love to work, especially in a field that is creatively stimulating, but also allows me time with family. Perhaps something with food or lifestyle. I do not have a deadline as I am going to have another baby and then decide.”