Mira Rajput TROLLED For Her Skin Transformation Ad

Mira Rajput Kapoor is surrounded by controversies when she is not spending time with her daughter Misha or spotted with husband Shahid Kapoor. This 23-year-old star wife somehow manages to get herself in trouble with the netizens for some reason or the other. You would know what we are talking about if you remember her infamous statement about working women and comparing their babies with a puppy.


This time though, she has become a subject of trolling by Insta users. Mira Rajput recently shot an advertisement with leading skincare brand Olay. The commercial about a skin transformation product recently came out. Mira posted the video on her Instagram account and the Ad didn’t go well with the Insta users. She captioned the Ad as: “Being a mother doesn’t mean you stop being yourself right? I took the #Olay #SkinTransformation#28Daychallenge

Here’s my #Reborn story.. what’s yours? @olayindia


Watch the Ad here:


In the Ad, Mira speaks about how a woman loses her skin glow post pregnancy due to stress and sleepless nights. Her skin becomes dull and patchy. But since she is a celeb, she faced the wrath of the netizens. Some people argued that she doesn’t need Olay at a young age of 23 while others blatantly called the advertisement fake.


Check out some of the comments under the video:


A user wrote: “she’s 23?!?!?!? I’m 24 and basic face wash and moisturizer is all I need 😭”. Another user wrote: “Who uses this product at the age of 23? Just use a basic exfoliating face wash and a moisturizer with sunscreen to prevent sun damage.

Someone said: “no body cant give her blind love just because she is the wife of shahid kapoor..once i thought atleast she was honest with her interviews but everything ruined with this ad”


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