Haryana’s Manushi Chillar has crowned the Miss world 2017 and became an Indian to win the title again after a wait of 17 long years. She is the sixth Indian female to win this International beauty pageant. She hails from Sonepat in Haryana and is a medical student. Manushi won the beauty pageant organised at Sanya city of China after defeating 118 beauties from different countries. Manushi Chillar is currently 20 years old and she has studied at St. Thomas School of Delhi and Bhagat Phool Singh Government Medical College (Women) of Sonepat. The winner wants to become a cardiologist and also desires to open a non-profit hospital in the rural area.

Here are unseen pictures of Manushi Chhillar:

The perfect pose

Making awareness about the conditions of women.

Manushi advising not to skip breakfast and its consequences.


Representing India in the International Beauty Pageant

A video shows the excitement of the crown winner.

Preparing for the title from very early age!!!LOL


Throwback picture.


Pictures reflecting her dream.

A perfect smiling face.


Tim for college memories.


The selfie girl


Bridal look in uncut diamonds and tourmalines

Bridal Look in uncut diamonds and tourmalines | For @sabyasachiofficial

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Thanking family for being a pillar of support at every occasion in life.


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