“Love is something which can never be taught or described, it is that feeling which can only be felt, that out of this universe feeling which left a person unspoken.”

But nowadays, everything is losing its meaning, getting faded with time. Relationships are getting hard these days. Have people forgotten how to love or forgotten the meaning of love? The main issue is commitment. Everyone wants someone special in their life but they are not ready for commitment. For them without commitment relationships are pretty ‘cool’.

Real unconditional love is rare these days. Couples who are with each other and standing as a life partner are hardly seen. Everyone is so busy in their life that they are not left with any space for love and patience. Maturity is what all needed, but as the technology is immersing people are getting addicted to it. People would rather spend an hour with hundreds of people than spending a day with one. They believe in ‘socializing’. Interested in meeting new people than knowing the older ones.

This generation has become greedy; they want everything in their life and that too with a shortcut. They expect someone to be perfect for them rather than living with their imperfections. They feel proud to date a lot of people but hardly give their time to anyone.

Although they are lucky to be a part of this generation that has so many new technologies, but all they do with it is just show off. Technology had brought them so closer that now it is getting difficult to breathe for them. Long walks, spending time with each other has been replaced with snapchat, texting, voice messages and video calls.

Also, the main reason behind why relationships are not working nowadays is that people are getting physical before any commitment. It’s absolutely normal for them to have a kiss. They get into physical relations first and then decide if they have to love someone. Relationships are now stated with words like friends with benefits, half girlfriend and many more. That essence of purity is missing in these relations.

Or in other words this generation is scared to love, scared to get hurt, scared to fall. They neither love nor allow someone to love them unconditionally.

To end it all, love has become a game for most of the people today and the generation calls it modern evolution.

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