Making it awesome, simple, yet elegant and classy – that’s creativity and that’s the magic of “Lambent creations” by Pooja Juneja. Bridging the chasm between traditional Indian and modern stylish jewellery, her work is a blend of nature and creativity- a brilliant balance of utility and beauty.

Having education at the Kazuko Araki School of Design, Japan and a gemologist from International Gemological Institute (IGI) in 2012, she bagged the entrepreneurship award conferred by the Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council as the youngest designer for her work and contribution in the field of design and Jewellery
With Bachelors in Mathematics and a master’s degree in marketing from Delhi University, Pooja was always focused at being an entrepreneur. She is also a visiting faculty and jury at NIFT. In 2012 she was honoured with the “Entrepreneurship Award” for her work and contribution to the field of jewelry.


Pooja talks about the jewellery modern brides are opting for:

Minimalism is the fashion trend for 2016 internationally and the Indian bride is not untouched by the trends. She is opting for pastel shades, playing with color, drawing attention to  the one classic piece she opts for to look classy and stylish.”

“Jewellery is one of the most important parts of wedding. Therefore, modern brides are becoming more specific while choosing their wedding jewellery. The latest trends in this are Modular jewellery. Modular jewellery is something that is catching eyes of “all and sundry” including brides.

Jewelry  Designer Pooja Juneja's intricate and exquisite designer jewelry collection (3)-OptimizedA modern bride is becoming much bold with her choice of jewellery, and she likes to flaunt her possessions even after her wedding. With bridal ensemble having low embellishments and more play of colours, the jewellery is also becoming minimalist and versatile at least for the pre-wedding ceremonies”, says Pooja.

Traditional jewelry trend has its own value and heritage that it carries, but it is worn less and kept more in lockers. Also with the trend of gowns and other fusion dresses, the bride does not and need not overpower her personality with chunky jewelry. She can highlight one piece of jewellery each at the pre wedding functions, say a jhoomar or matha patti at one and a classic choker at another.

Jewelry by Designer Pooja Juneja (2)-OptimizedIn stones, emerald is in vogue this season yet again with other unconventional colour stones like aquamarine and lapis. Coloured pearls like champagne, grey and rose gold  are taking the  place of the regular ones.

“In terms of fashion jewellery, engraved designs on wood and metal would complete the raw look. Leather bands for necklaces and bracelets with gold motifs will be another new trend.”

Yet, it’s not just the volume of jewelry does not make a bride stand out, it has to be a very sensible play of makeup, attire and jewelry which makes a bride stand out and a discerning stylist will definitely achieve that.


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