Modular Jewellery is something which is ‘easy going’ and suitable for every kind of trend. Brides can use those pieces in day-to-day life also simply by detaching the pieces, after her D- Day is over. This way they can use them, instead of keeping them in lockers. One can wear a heavy chandelier with detachable tops in various ways; the tops can be detached and be worn to office or a formal party. A heavy necklace set with changeable stones, can be detached into a locket or a brooch or a much lighter classic set; is another form of modular jewellery.

Jewelry by Designer Pooja Juneja-OptimizedModular Jewellery which is more versatile and street smart are replacing the regular heavy traditional ones. There are plenty of options a bride can choose from according to their personal choice. Apart from the modular jewelry there are other options that a bride can opt for like peacock inspired hanging earrings that are in demand, the modern version of chand baalas is also in vogue.

If one goes for rings then they have option of engraving names on rings, another trend that has picked up is of massive non-regular and geometric shapes for cocktail rings.

While going for neck pieces one should go for multi-layering with detachable colourful beads of rubies, emerald or pearls with a contemporary diamond necklace. Lace and ribbon motifs are also making a comeback.

Bridal Jewellery has become more innovative and fun. The brides are killing stereotypes to go in for light necklace but heavy maang tikas and jhoomars. Grace and elegance of floral jewellery has found its way into the modern bride’s heart.

Create a Budget

Budgets for jewellery in a wedding depend on culture, lifestyle, and personality of a bride. “It depends on, whether the bride wants to get her heirloom Jewellery redesigned to let the value and memories attached to it; remain intact, or whether she is interested in jewellery pieces to be made from scratch or a combination of  both, for different events.”

Pooja’s suggestion for brides will always remain,” first buy the Jewellery and then look for the dress”. What combinations are the brides opting for their pre wedding ceremonies? Statement pieces instead of full set, cuts down the cost and yet the focus remains doubled.

Like I had mentioned earlier many brides are interested in modular Jewellery because of the style quotient, economical factor, versatility and the practicality, that it can be worn later even after marriage. Another factor is whether she wants to invest in silver or gold or studded jewellery, to specifically have an ensemble of clothes, hair and makeup.

In different geographical regions, brides are given an auspicious count of jewellery pieces even if they have a great budget. While in others there should be a combination of specific jewellery pieces in a particular metal that can only be gifted and not bought.

Jewelry by Designer Pooja Juneja (3)-OptimizedPooja’s collection of precious jewellery comprises of carved earrings, rings, necklace sets, lockets, bracelets and bangles keeping the modern bride in mind. The collection is an ‘easy going’ range which celebrates individuality and can be adorned by the bride-to-be, with equal elan on her wedding stage or other functions. The sleek precision, intelligent designing and admirable craftsmanship makes the collection more alluring and enticing.

Pooja has tried to incorporate international as well as Indian traditional designs in her collection that was recently showcased at Runway Bridal 2016. It’s a versatile collection for the modern bride that can be worn on her wedding as well as afterwards. Asymmetrical pattern in compositional balance has a matte and shine finish that gives an impeccable effortless perfection to the collection.

The collection has a variety of options to choose from–one of the designs is a piece inspired by a peacock when it spreads its wings signifying celebration, royalty and immortality. Studded in baguette and round diamonds and emeralds and sapphires, the piece is set in gold.

Inspired by the rays of the Sun, another of her designs is a pair of earrings studded with canary yellow diamonds and white round and fancy shapes ( marquise and pear) and baguette diamonds set in gold.

The modern version of Chandbaala is a uniquely designed earring which takes its inspiration from the waxing and waning of the Moon. The pair of earrings is studded with round diamonds and ruby and is set in gold.

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