Mohit Malik Opens Up About His Casting Couch Experience Amongst Other Things In Latest Interview

Mohit Malik the star of Khatron Ke Khiladi did a recent interview with Pinkvilla where he opened up about casting couch, his relationship with Rubina Dialik and wife Aditi Malik.

Mohit Malik is a known hustler in the Indian Television Industry from his work in shows like Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Doli Armaano Ki and his most recent endeavor Khatron Ke Khiladi, Mohit has managed to make quite a name for himself. But that didn’t happen for him without any trials. Mohit has faced quite a difficult time in the beginning of his career. Malik went on saying that he was hustling in the beginning of his career and hasn’t stopped since.

In his interaction with Pinkvilla Mohit said that Hustling is a part of the work, that he did did it back then and he’s doing it even today. Mohit also mentioned how there were some shows he’d spend a lot of time shooting but they wouldn’t even air. As if three to four months shooting them gone to waste.

In an another experience of his Mohit entails that, a big production house signed him for which he had to leave 2-3 shows, but then in the middle they wrote him off, saying, ‘You don’t fit the bill now. We don’t think so, you do something else. You don’t fit here’. Mohit was quite flustered with this decesion since he had left two shows for this gig. He said that he didn’t understand how they could do this to him, but unfortunately that’s how the industry works.

Mohit also mentioned that casting couch never happened with him but he did face it. He says that one time an incident happened in Mumbai. Somebody called him in for a film, and then the person tried to do something with Mohit, so he ran away from there. He also went on saying that it was just a little thing and he was quite cautious about it. He also mentioned that he is from Delhi, so he wasn’t completely unaware of what was going on.

Mohit then went on talking about his relationship with Rubina Dialik, and how close they were to eachother. Rubina and him didn’t really agree upon Mohit trying out for Khatron Ke Khiladi, and rumours sparked of a dispute between them, but Mohit cleared it up by saying, that she might not have been his biggest supporter in the beginning but she has always been there for him he also went on saying that they share a very strong connection and Rubina is always there to help him. He went on saying that Rubina was one of his earlier friends in the industry, and he hopes their friendship always remains the same.

Mohit also brought up his wife, who’s had quite an acting career with starring in shows such as Sharrat and Thoda Jadu Thodi Nazakat, and currently is a very successful business woman with running five restaurants in Mumbai. Mohit went on saying that Aditi wants to return to acting but is only willing to do it if it’s a comedy, and if she gets to work only 15-20 days a month, since she’s very busy with running her restaurants. Mohit said how proud he was of his wife, and was very happy for to embark on this journey.

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