Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif Ali Khan’s little son Taimur is the most popular star kid in the industry. The Little Nawab gets a lot of attention from paparazzi. And you’ll be surprised to know that every time the camera person calls his name out, the little one immediately flips his head and poses with a smile for the camera.

But the attention he is getting from media is so overwhelming which is now making his mommy tensed, as the paparazzi don’t even miss a chance to follow Taimur when he is going to his play school. The kid was born on 20 Dec 2016 and after 2 days of his birth he got entitled as the “cutest star kid” by his fans. There are numerous fan pages of Taimur that gives updates about him which is becoming a matter of concern for his parents.

In an interview with leading newspaper, Kareena Kapoor Khan said that she does not like the constant attention that Taimur gets. She said, “We want him to have as normal a life as possible; we can’t take that away from him. It’s his right to have a normal life. We feel awful about the fact that he gets clicked everywhere he goes, but we can’t keep him confined to our house, right? He’s just 17 months old; he shouldn’t be given that kind of focus and attention all the time. Now he reacts to the paparazzi when they call out his name. I know this is reality and I can’t run away from it. In time, he will understand what this is all about, and hopefully, Saif and I will be able to keep it as normal and balanced as possible.”

Kareena also said that she and Saif Ali Khan make it a point to support each other in every situation. Even when they are busy they take out time for themselves. She told, “I think today it is all about supporting each other. Saif and I are both working actors and at times, it gets tough. When I was doing ‘Veere…’ he was also shooting, but he would try to get back home to be with Taimur. Now, he’s busy shooting for Navdeep Singh’s film, so I know that I can’t shoot a film until he wraps up his in October-November. We have to balance it out and I think it is a great way to do it. Of course, he does get irritated sometimes when I am not home by 6.30 in the evening because he believes this is family time. It is something that we’re both particular about. Sometimes, even he’s shooting till late and I understand, because that is how our profession is. But as long as we can support each other, we know that it will work out fine”.

Recently, Taimur was seen on the promotions of Veere Di Wedding, where saif and Taimur spotted to give surprise to Kareena.

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