Monalisa evicted, has a lot to say about Vikrant and Manu

By admin

January 23, 2017

We were so happy seeing Monalisa getting married to her boyfriend Vikrant on the show. However, the weekend got us bad news as Mona got evicted from the house. Though she couldn’t make it to the finale, Monalisa has created a special place in our hearts. She is not out of the house and in a recent interview, she shared her thoughts on a lot of things, including her marriage on national television and her much talked about relationship with Manu.

Getting married on National television is a big thing. Monalisa was asked about the feeling and she said, “Vikrant and I were anyway thinking about getting married. I am from Kolkata, he is from UP and both of us are part of the Bhojpuri film industry. So, we had to take into consideration all the three places — where to get married and hold the reception. Yet, I never thought I will get married like this! I was overwhelmed when Vikrant proposed to me. He decided everything in consultation with my parents.”

This was not the first time that a couple got married inside the house and unfortunately it didn’t last for long. Monalisa was asked to share thoughts on the same. “We have been with each other for so many years that we were already like husband and wife. Sirf social stamp nahi tha. So, it’s (getting married in the house) not going to make any difference. We will always be together”, said Monalisa.

Much was said about Monalisa’s relationship with Manu and she surely didn’t like it. She said, “I felt bad about that. When you are staying in a house 24/7, you need to talk to somebody to survive. And some people you get closer to more than the others. I am a fun-loving girl by nature, and so is Manu. Masti mazaak nahi karenge toh rahenge kaise? Moreover, we were both sorted. At the beginning itself, he told me about his fiance and I told him about Vikrant.”

She added, “Now, I am out and I will be busy with the shoot of my pending films and when Manu will come out, he too will get busy with his work. When you are inside the house 24/7, you have to talk, but that cannot always be maintained out of the house.”

Monalisa is also set to get back to work after coming out of the house. She said, “I have a lot of pending films to complete and new ones are also lined up. Immediately after getting married, ek alag sa feeling aa gaya tha, but I love acting and dancing and soon I will be back to doing that.”