As we all know monsoon brings lots of happiness for all of us and most importantly, it is the best season for romance. When the drops of water and cool breeze touches our face, then the atmosphere it sets at that point of time is irreplaceable. In such weather, we want our loved ones be our side so that we can pour all of our love on them.

Here are some ways listed to get romantic this season:

Enjoying long drives

No time would be best to enjoy long drives than monsoon. Road trips looks amazing in monsoon season and it is perfect season to adore the natural beauty. This is also a perfect time to make past things better between you too because this refreshing weather will make you both fall in love with each other more!

Go for hot chocolate

Hot chocolate in such a good weather is no less than a heaven. Sit with your loved one on the terrace and enjoy your coffee with them. Having a bountiful natural view and some full of love conversation with them complementing with sip of coffee. Seriously, nothing can beat this feeling.

Opt for trekking

Best way to spend the rainy day with your loved one is by opting for trekking. This will be a mix of a bit of rainy adventure and exercise along with the sweet talks with your loved ones. You can also book a hotel room to crash after the trek so that you both can get the time to talk and spend rest of the evening with them.

Cook dinner for them

Day would be incomplete without having a lovely dinner and cooking it by yourself will add stars to it. This will make your bond stronger. As it is an old saying that food attracts the man and here everything is in your favour, so surely it will add more and more to your love life.

Talking and relaxing with them

Here what you are having is quality time with each other, talking and relaxing will make your day the best. If you’re feeling quite adventurous then go up to the terrace or open balcony, find a quiet corner and make each other feel loved.