Morning Habits That Makes You Gain Weight

Your morning activity has a huge impact on your personality. If you have been trying to loose weight since long but haven’t been successful, probably you are not beginning your morning on a right note. Lets look at the morning habits that makes you put on weight.
1- People who don’t sleep well at night are more prone to gain weight. A survey conducted by the National Sleep Foundation of the US found that people who made their beds were 19% more likely to sleep well compared to those who didn’t. Good sleep is linked to lower BMI.
2- People who sleep too much that is more than 10 hours tend to gain weight compared to others. A study published in the journal PLOS pointed out that sleeping more than 10 hours a day led to a higher BMI. Researchers have found that seven to eight hours of sleep is all that you need to stay healthy.
3- People who don’t eat proteins at breakfast also found to have higher BMI. According to research conducted by University of Missouri-Columbia, eating a breakfast high in proteins keeps you fuller for long and keeps hunger pangs at bay the rest of the day.
4- According to researchers, people who soaked in the sun light early in the morning had lower BMI compared to who didn’t. Early morning sun light is known to have weight-loss properties reported a study published in the journal PLOS One.