Last month, my mother underwent an operation and was suggested a bed rest. It was then, I realized how much it takes to be a housewife. Doing the dishes isn’t as easy as it seems, that is a whole lot of process. First you have to clean the dishes with water and put them in the kitchen sink, then you pour liquid soap into the bowl and scratch the dirt out of dishes with the help of soap, then you finally clean them with the water again. This process takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending upon the amount of dishes you were using recklessly for serving food.
Today, doing the dishes is like a phobia to me. Okay, I might be exaggerating but trust me, it is a very demanding task.
God save you if you ever decide to do the cleaning. Mopping will make your back scream and buying groceries is a complete headache. You will relate to what I say if you have ever tried to be a good child.
Posting a selfie with your lovely mother on the eve of mothers’ day is easier than actually trying to prove the love not to the people but to the mother herself.
I can easily write “10 ways of being a good son” but, that’d be a complete waste because I bet every son knows about those 10 ways. But only if they practiced those 10 points too.
An ideal son is the one who cares; knowing how a statement can hurt the sentiments of a parent is what makes you a better son. Just like father-daughter relationships, people talk a lot about mother-son too. Mother is a blessing in one’s life. She teaches us valuable lessons, either with her lovely words or with her shiny-hard kitchen utensils that she might throw at you when you go a little wrong. Whatever the way is, she’s the first teacher. A good son never takes her mother for granted; valuing your mother is the key. Understanding comes when you start realizing the importance of a person in your life.
But there are few myths associated with raising a son that sometimes get irritating:
Boys grow up and leave- Not every son is determined to follow the trend of growing up and leaving the parents.
Boys need to be tough- Boys need to be able to cry when they’re sad, stand up to injustice, exercise compassion, and treat everyone with respect. It’s not a gender thing; it’s a human thing.
Boys will be boys- I don’t know if this cliché is associated with the ridiculous behaviour by boys or the other way around. But the myth is absolutely unacceptable.
Parenting and learning goes hand in hand. A good son knows the ways of making parents proud. The conclusion from 10 ways of being a good son is very simple. Just be understanding, bit cooperative and humble. That is all you can do to be a good son.
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