Made it to the Guinness World Records 2016.
By Simmi D’souza
A group of 2472 highly enthusiastic Indian women both living in India and overseas, under the guidance of Subashri Natareajan, who hails from Chennai, Tamil Nadu took upon themselves the task of crocheting 5000 blankets measuring up to a total of 5000 square metres with the aim of setting a new world record and making a name for themselves in the Guinness World Records. The record held by South Africa in April 2015 was 3377 square metres and “Mother India’s Crochet Queens” smashed this with an unbeatable and unbelievable record of 11,148 square metres.

The group “Mother India’s Crochet Queens” was set up in August 2015 via Facebook which included women all aged between 6 years and 90 years, sharing the same passion for crochet. Every bit of coordination and communication was undoubtedly handled without any stress, thanks to Facebook and Whatsapp which brought all these people together under one roof. The members had to crochet a Granny Square Blanket of 40×40 inches that comes to one square metre each, using 4 ply acrylic yarn and a 5.00 mm crochet hook. These individual blankets were then joined together to make a larger blanket.

What is interesting to note is that this was not only a Guinness Record attempt, but is also a mission with a Cause, as after the event these 8034 blankets were donated to the underprivileged through the NGOs which were scrutinised by the Tamil Nadu Police Department in coordination with the Social Welfare Department.

Mother India's Crochet Queens

The fact that the blankets will ultimately help a person in need is one of the contributing factors that attracted a number of these women to join this mission, putting in their time and effort.

The finale was held on January 31, 2016 at MNM Jain Engineering College, Thorapakkam, where Pravin Patel (Adjudicator, the Guinness World Records Ltd, London) honoured the group with the announcement of the record measurement. This was presided over by Dr Harish L. Mehta, Hon. Chairman – Red Cross Society, TN and chief guest – Indian film actor, Jayam Ravi.

We believe this esteemed group has gained a wider reception and recognition with women across the societal strata in transforming our noble dream to a reality.

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