S#x moves that can drive your partner crazy!

Girls, it’s time for you to roll up your guy with your most amazing s*x moves and take it to a whole new level of hotness. You may find some ideas from pornography, but we suggest you these moves instead. Try one or two if you’re in the mood to. Here is the list of s*x moves to drive your partner crazy.

  • Try to make his wildest fantasies come alive or role play his favorite ones. Try getting creative with his favorite colored lingerie and surprise him like never before!
  • When you make love in front of a mirror, trust me it’s a great turn on and a real time to play naughty with him when you can see each other going all up on each other.                                                                                         
  • Talk dirty to him! He loves when you talk about kinky stuff and is the best way to begin with!                     
  • No joy can be greater for him when you agree to do a 69! It’s a win situation in every way!!            
  • Another move is to bit his ear mid that will surely give him a major orgasm!                                
  • For an effect of deeper penetration and intimacy, try wrapping your ankles around his shoulders when he’s into you!      
  • Try out the cowgirl position for a hotter s*x. Face towards each other while he’s into you, so that he can watch you and touch every bit of you.   
  • Try using your lips as a weapon. The sucking and biting with slow tongue movements can give him pleasure like never before!            

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