Mrunal Thakur Admits That COVID-19 Led Her To Cancel Few Projects.

The second wave of life after Covid19 was very stressful for actor Mrunal Thakur. She had to give up some upcoming projects because everything started at the same time after the restrictions were lifted.

The actor explained: “So far, this has been a busy year for me. After the second lockdown was lifted, all the producers wanted to shoot together. We are still trying to find out. I had to work on a few films. Take a step back, because I think it’s unfair even if I shoot them. Every character in a movie requires too much time and love from you.”

“It must be affectionate. Aisa nahi hai ki kaam hai toh karte hi jaa rahe hain, without investing your soul, heart, blood and sweat. I just think I must go slower. My speed is fast, but I Like this,” Thakur also added it, and next she will appear next to Shahid Kapoor in Jersey.

She is also selected for the official Hindi remake of “Saddam”, where she shared screen space with Aditya Roy Kapoor as the main character.

However, it is not easy to abandon the project, and the actors agree: “I disagree, but I ultimately have no choice. Due to Covid19 (restrictions), we cannot travel in advance. I used to shoot in Punjab, came to Mumbai, and then to Patia Pull, then to Chandigarh…I worked on several projects at the same time. Now, when I have to fly to a place where I must complete the test, it (the process) has slowed down. What I do is balance this by taking photos or things related to my work (such as narration or script reading). ”

She also clarified one of her most anticipated projects, the prequel to Baahubali. Thakur made it clear that she will no longer make a web series. “I did this, but no more. We filmed a few episodes two or three years ago, but unfortunately, I was not there. I wish the whole team all the best because this is a very special and lovely project,” she concluded road.

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