When we are in love it is obvious to be concerned about your partner, one can’t stop thinking about him/her all the time. But experts warn showing too much concern or being too attached with partner might prove fatal for a relationship. Your partner might start drifting away from you sensing lack of space in a relationship. So how can you avoid such situation, let’s find out.


Don’t Be Jealous

Being jealous over something is very normal, infact bit of jealously helps a relationship to mature as one feels a sense of belonging and attachment. However experts say too much jealously weakens bond between a couple.

Stop Threatening

Some people have the habit of threatening to break-up even over small issues. Experts say this only irks a partner and such childish behaviour will take you to nowhere except to a real time break-up.

Give Space

Expert say keeping required space in a relationship is good to further strengthen the bond. Infact space is necessary to retain the passion alive in a relationship.

Message And Calls Can Wait

Don’t bombard your partner with messages and calls to show your love for him/her. Nobody has the time in the world to respond to each and every frequent message on time. Rather than proving attachment this will become a reason for detachment.

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