Mukesh Ambani Was Punished & Locked In A Garage With Anil Ambani: Survived On Roti, Pani

Mukesh Ambani might be one of the richest men on earth today but life wasn’t always like that for this business tycoon. Growing up, Mukesh’s dad Dhirubhai Ambani wasn’t so well-off and the two brothers, Mukesh and Anil had a very normal childhood. And it was no different from a childhood that you and I had.

Richest man of India, Mukesh Ambani who lives in a 2 billion dollar house alone with this family. Once used to live in a tiny chawl. In a very old interview, Mukesh Ambani was asked about growing up in a joint family when they used to love in a chawl. Mukesh Ambani said that, living at the Jai Hind Estate, the chawl in Bhuleshwar, is the first memory that he would always preserve in life. He was a just 4-5-year-old boy at that time.

It was not something that Mukesh would want to get away. Also, he said that they all were happy and secured living in the chawl at that point of their life. His second most treasured memory was dealing with the strictness of his father Dhirubhai Ambani while growing up. “One evening, we had guests and I would be 10 or 11 years old and Anil would be 9 years old. Both of us were mischievous and we would do all the funny things what kids would do. My mother (Kokilaben Ambani) would bring food for the guests and before the guests could have it, all food would be eaten up by us. And my father patiently said, “OK! Sit down” but we were in our own world. And there were people who were coming to our home for the first time and we would jump from one sofa to another. And generally, we were having a good time oblivious of all the guests

Next morning my father called us and said, “Mukesh! Anil! Both of you out of here. From today onwards for the next two days, you are going to stay in the garage unless you learn to behave yourselves. And you regret, you are not going to come back home. My mother pleaded to him saying they are poor little boys”. But nothing worked in our favour.

Mukesh Ambani said they had spent two days in the garage on merely water and roti. And that made us repent and also helped both of us to bond well.

Well, no one can be spared from mom dad’s punishment!


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