She is an actor, VJ, singer, and anchor in short she is a performer who knows how to entertain people. She began her career as a VJ and then moved to doing Hindi as well as Punjabi films, she is a professional singer and made her singing debut with meet bros composition ‘’Pink Lips’’ from the movie Hate story 2. Woman’s era correspondent interviewed Khushboo Grewal to know more about her music career.

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Womansera:- Tell us something about your music career?

Khushboo Grewal:- My music career was a total surprise to me, I never thought that I would make a career in music. It was something that was always in me, I loved music, I loved entertaining people even as a child in school and college and in parties I was the favorite entertainer for everybody. But it was Meet Bros that spotted the talent in me and really pushed me to pursue it professionally and they showed unwavering faith in me. Till today they have more confidence in my talent and my career than I do so it’s all thanks for them that music became a career

 WE:-What does music mean to you?

KG:-  Music means happiness to me. I have emceed , I have been a VJ for a music channel , I have acted in television and in films ,I have done non-fiction shows for TV but singing gives me pure joy .Being on stage singing songs and jamming , It’s such a stress buster , I forget everything else around me.

WE:- You began your career as an actress, how your focus shifted to singing?

KG:- I actually began my career as a VJ since I was always a very talkative person so that was the easiest thing for me to do,  I started acting simultaneously then I finally made the switch to music , it wasn’t something that I planned , it was totally unplanned , it was something that came my way as a virtue of being friends with music directors who liked my voice and told me randomly one day to come and sing in the studio so that’s how my focus shifted to music.

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WE:-Tell us your equation and comfort level with Meet bros?

KG:-   My equation and comfort with the Meet bros is really good, I am as good as their third brother. I have known them for a very long time and our friendship goes back to days when they didn’t even know they had compositions hidden inside them. We are family friends from many years and I use to anchor shows and they use to sing for live shows and that’s how we started singing together so we are more like family and working together with friends is perfect  , it’s like mixing work with pleasure so it’s the best thing you can ask for.

WE:- Was it an easy transition to turn singer from actress?

KG:-  As far as my transition was concerned Vjing or acting was something that was fairly easy ,but the transition to music was very difficult because for first time in ten years I had to put dedication to a skill and I realized and had new found respect for singers because I realized how much discipline and how much work you have to put in your craft to better yourself and to learn new songs and learn old songs and understand technicalities of music to be on stage and perform with a live band and go and sing in front of the mic in the studio which has a different technique and understand voice modulation etc so I understood how difficult it is to pursue music as a career so it was definitely very difficult and I think am still in transit and I am forever going to be in transit because music  is such a deep skill that no matter how much you get into it you only find yourself digging deeper and deeper for more.

WE:- New generation has lot of talent what you want to say on this?

KG:-   I think it’s a perfect time for new generation in Bollywood right now because there is scope for anyone and everyone who is pushy , talented and perseverant , because if you are somebody who has fire in you and have the right skill set and if you are ready to dedicate yourself to your skill then this is the perfect time for you to be in this field in Bollywood at this point because there are avenues and opportunities for everybody out there.

WE:-Do awards matter to you?

KG:- Awards surely and certainly matter to me, as much as you want creative fulfillment and creative satisfaction from a career you also want recognition and applause from people you are working for so whether you are working for an MNC and you are working for a corporate you want recognition from them in terms of promotion and salary raise so our promotion and our salary raise is awards. When I got into music I didn’t even know I had the ability to go and sing in front of a mic, having said that now if I am able to do that getting awards will be like a big bonus because me not being a musician by background It is something that I am definitely pursuing and aiming for so if that happens it will be a big bonus.

WE:-Do you think musical Reality shows help contestants to get a chance to sing in bollywood music?

KG:-Thanks to musical reality shows there have been a lot of people who have risen. Music reality shows have been a big hit with the Indian audience because people love music not just in India but everywhere, music makes people come together . So Music reality shows definitely play an important part in finding new talent and also a great TRP generating tool for television channels but other than that it’s a great platform for youngsters to showcase their talent and to give the new generation confidence to show their talent in front of huge audience and that prepares them for the world to follow.

WE:- What’s next? When will you see your next album? What will be your next project?

KG:- I have never really planned anything so honestly I don’t even know what’s coming up next .But certainly in terms of music there are a couple of songs that I have sung for the Meet Bros which are film songs and hopefully should be coming out soon, but the films music is dependent on the films destiny so we don’t know when the films will come out so it all depends on that .Other than that I am working on a single which should release sometime next year.

WE:- Your first love will be – acting, singing or hosting?              

KG:- My first love is definitely hosting but my ultimate love has to be music so I think after enjoying my journey through all these various crafts I have come to realise that music is something that’s my ultimate calling and I absolutely love it.

 WE:- Do you have any wish-list of actresses whom you would love to playback for?

KG:-My most favorite actress these days Is Alia Bhatt, I am majorly crushing on her so I would love to do playback for her but my all time favorite evergreen is Madhuri Dixit Nene , I absolutely love her ,I don’t know if I will ever get a chance to do playback for her but these are the  two in my wish list for now.

WE:- Would like to give any message to our readers, to your fans or advice to upcoming talent?

KG:- The only message I would like to give to the upcoming talent and new generation is that no matter how big or unrealistic you think your dreams are don’t give up on yourself , just go out there do everything you can to make it possible so you don’t live your life in regrets because you got only one life so go and give it your best shot.

WE:- Your views on Demonetization?

KG:- Everything has a short term effect and long term effect as far as demonetization is concerned it’s too early to say what the long term effects are going to be, we don’t know what plans the PM has in store but certainly in short term people have been affected in very different ways so lot of people who have been hiding all the illegal money are definitely suffering but along with that also the really lower class are the one who suffered a lot. The 2000 rupee note has become so big that it has become difficult to really go out in the market or the bazaars because everyone is struggling to give you change so I think it has a positive and a negative and we just have to wait and find out what the PM has in store for us.

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