talks about her musical journey in an exclusive interview with WE.
By Aditi Rastogi
Tell us something about your music career?
My music career was a total surprise to me
I never thought that I would make a career in music. It was something that was always in me,

I loved music, I loved entertaining people even as a child in school and college and in parties I was the favourite entertainer for everybody. But it was Meet Bros that spotted the talent in me and really pushed me to pursue it professionally and they showed unwavering faith in me. Till today they have more confidence in my talent and my career than I do so. All thanks to them that music became my career.

What does music mean to you?

Music means happiness to me. I have emceed , I have been a VJ for a music channel , I have acted in television and in films ,I have done non-fiction shows for TV but singing gives me pure joy .Being on stage singing songs and jamming, it’s such a stress buster , I forget everything else around me.

You began your career as an actress, how your focus shifted to singing?

I actually began my career as a VJ since I was always a very talkative person so that was the easiest thing for me to do. I started acting simultaneously. Then I finally made the switch to music , it wasn’t something that I planned , it was totally unplanned , it was something that came my way, being friends with music directors who liked my voice and told me randomly one day to come and sing in the studio. That’s how my focus shifted to music

Tell us your equation and comfort level with Meet bros?

My equation and comfort with the Meet bros is really good, I am as good as their third brother. I have known them for a very long time and our friendship goes back to days when they didn’t even know they had compositions hidden inside them. We are family friends since many years and I use to anchor shows and they use to sing for live shows and that’s how we started singing together. We are more like family and working together with friends is perfect. It’s like mixing work with pleasure, so it’s the best thing you can ask for.

Was it an easy transition from actress to singer?

As far as my transition was concerned VJing or acting was something that was fairly easy. But the transition to music was very difficult because for the first time in 10 years I had to put dedication to a skill. I had developed new-found respect for singers because I realized how much discipline and how much work you have to put in your craft to better yourself and to learn new songs and learn old songs and understand technicalities of music to be on stage and perform with a live band and go and sing in front of the mike in the studio which has a different technique and understand voice modulation, etc.

New generation has lot of talent. What you want to say on this?

I think it’s a perfect time for new generation in Bollywood. There is scope for anyone and everyone who is pushy , talented and perseverant , because if you are somebody who has fire in you and have the right skill set and if you are ready to dedicate yourself to your skill then this is the perfect time for you to be in this field in Bollywood at this point because there are avenues and opportunities for everybody out there.

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