Music In The Time Of Corona; How Music Heals The Heart And Soothes The Soul

Music can change the world – Beethoven

Perhaps it’s overrated to describe how music helps and entertains us. But never enough to tell how it saves us during COVID-19 times. Music of all kinds is helping us to survive the crisis. While many make the best use of this time to practice their music, another huge set of people are consuming them.

From the chilling ‘Go Corona’ to the massive collabs similar to ‘Times Like These’, we are now witnessing the best of music. The indoor stays have made people both lazy and creative. If the present time for musicians to practice their wonderful piece of work, the majority needs it for their peaceful living. You may have preferences, but music has no partiality between who produce them or listen to them and so it works in everyone releasing endorphins.

As we all know, music has the magical power to relieve your stress and keep you calm. Do you know how music is able to make you feel better in your down period or to make your happy moments into the best? This happens when your brain generates the “feel-good” chemical dopamine and the “happy” chemical serotonin. And this is why some people choose to include music in their routine workout. Thus, with music one becomes emotionally and physically strong.

What we discussed is just the listening part. If you are a singer (at least a bathroom singer), you will be gifted with a bonus stress alleviation hormone called oxytocin. Studies show that singing reduces depression in individuals. Not just singing, anything like playing a tiny ukulele or dancing with the beat will make you stress-free.

Music in pandemic

Music has proven to be one of the best medicines to date. But which on which is thoughtful. For instance, will anyone play a melancholy song at a party? So it is important to note that the music we choose to play is apt. If you need to boost up, go with the jazz. If you want to meditate, play a tune with no lyrics.

No doubt that many of us are fighting with health-related fear and social anxiety. A recent study was conducted on individuals’ subjective evaluation of differences in their music listening habits and emotional reaction to music in Israel after the first lockdown. Out of 200 participants, more than half said that their music consumption either remained the same or increased. And they added that their emotional reaction to the music was high more than ever.

We ourselves know how much time we are spending on social media. Particularly with the lockdowns, we are in the virtual space. And music can never be kept apart. People are taking music along with them in whatever they do. From cooking to the new normal ‘work from home’, people need music. Quality pieces are produced online, on the streets and on balconies. Reports show that this Musicking created a sense of connection in musicians and the listeners.

Be it on your phone or stereo, listen to music every day, at least for 15-30 minutes. Make a playlist of your favourite songs. Sing along, sway your hips. Make sure that the track you choose will comfort you. Or if you feel like it’s hard to hold your tears, play a melancholy song. Cry a bit, smile and don’t forget to switch onto the happy tunes.

Above everything, let’s think of the musicians on the streets who are striving hard to meet the two ends. Let’s be a helping hand. Let our hearts sync and make the most beautiful melodies. Happy World Music Day!

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